Top Raspberry Ketone Supplements

Make the right choice

Raspberry ketone, a phenolic compound from red raspberries has become a popular weight loss aid after Dr. Mehmet Oz, physician of television host Oprah Winfrey hailed its benefits.

The demand for the product has increased to the point that some companies have started to invent synthetic varieties.

So, how do you know that what you are buying is of good quality and made from the real thing?


  1. Choose an all-natural raspberry ketone product after checking out how it was manufactured.
  2. Check out the other ingredients of that supplement. Are they all-natural, too? Or are there synthetics combined? All-natural is the best choice.
  3. It must be processed from an FDA-accredited laboratory.
  4. Read product reviews.


The following are popular raspberry ketone supplements in the market including some testimonies from their satisfied users.


  • A product of Health Spark, this is a diet combo of raspberry ketone, African mango and Acai berry.
  • A user said that it may not be the cheapest far burner supplement she has purchased, but it’s certainly the best.
  • She added that she did not experience headaches unlike the ones she used in the past.
  • Another user said she has been trying to lose weight for months and the Raspberry Ketone Complex is the first one that worked for her.
  • A bottle costs $2.99 with free delivery.


  • This is considered as the most potent raspberry ketone product because it suppresses your appetite and it boosts your metabolism.
  • The company also prides itself of following the guidelines set by Dr. Oz which are: (1) All-natural, no fillers or binders; (2) Can be taken twice a day preferably before breakfast and dinner; and (3) it comes in the 500 mg dose, thus you will get your recommended 1,000 mg dosage a day.
  • A 60-capsule bottle sells for $37.10 at Amazon, with a 120-day money-back guarantee.


  • This popular all-natural fat burner has maximized 300 mg of raspberry ketones in every capsule.
  • It oxidizes fat burning, boosts metabolism and increases your energy.
  • This is also highly recommended by doctors.
  • A 60-capsule bottle sells for $30.05 at Amazon, with free shipping if there are more than 35 orders.


  • This also boasts of 100 percent natural raspberry ketones extract coupled with African mango.
  • It burns fat, increases your metabolism, provides you with more energy and detoxifies your system.
  • It is manufactured by Future Health Labs, which is FDA accredited.
  • However, this is a very expensive product but the manufacturer says it is because they used two extracts.
  • It is sold for $84.95.
  • There is a 15-percent discount for orders of more than 2 bottles.


Just like any supplement, seek your doctor’s advice first before using the products especially when you have medical concerns. It will also give you an idea on how to go about the raspberry ketone program in order to achieve the best and safest results.